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About About Praxis Group

At Praxis Developers India Pvt. Ltd. (PDIPL) our relationship is not only projected till beneficence of well developed farm houses and well appreciated land but also extended to array of essential and privileged services for healthy and hassle free living.

We are a wholly real estate based company of gurgaon. It is incorporated by much committed and experienced members of the real estate sector, the prime object of the company is to create customer delight and pride.

Respect for MANKIND, Unlimited Sense of Responsibility, Realization of Possibilities, Highest Safety.

Management Overview
Our Mission is Your Protection

Praxis Developers India Pvt. Ltd. has 15 Years of reputation of Manageability, Advancement and Usage. As the Chiefs were in Land Business from 20 Years. Praxis basically concentrates on private, business, townships and Modern properties. The organization is furnished with the best group who dependably trusts in Consumer loyalty as their need and conveys the administrations taking care of business. With its capability and fitness Praxis is a mix of different authority styles supplementing one another and wrapped in distinctive skill which make it particular and special. Praxis spearheaded the land unrest in Rajasthan and purchased around a padagrim move in the business by forming its new manifestations. Praxis is building extraordinary private task which conquer any hindrance between the Client push, dreams and Cravings.

We have confidence in giving the best of the quality and all the offices which a client can long for including the Clubhouses, Libraries Swimming Pools, gym and substantially more in its anticipates. Our Main goal is to end up world class land engineers with the Crazy benchmarks, polished methodology, morals and client administration to remain in contributing from the general development to the economy all in all.

Environmental Responsibility
Think Positive, Act Responsible

One of our priorities here at Praxis Developers India Pvt. Ltd is to build buildings that have a minimal environmental footprint. We endeavor to employ the newest technologies that are available in the market so that we may contribute, in whatever possible way, to reverse the process of unstable climate, which is being recorded on the global scale presently. The technologies that we have adopted are -

  • Water Harvesting and Re-usageated, tinted glass for Window panes and as
  • Double Glazed, Thermally insulated, tinted glass for Window panes and Piped Gas
  • Solar Energy generation by the use of Photo Voltaic cells.
  • Use of Non-toxic bio-degradable materials
  • Use of CFL+ light fittings rather than Bulb-based fittings

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