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Jaipur Metro Announces Its First Time Table; Trains To Do 131 Trips A Day

Jaipur Metro Announces Its First Time Table; Trains To Do 131 Trips A Day

JAIPUR: As the much-awaited Jaipur Metro is approaching towards its maiden run, the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) on Tuesday released the time table of the train connecting Mansarover to Chandpole. Except for Sunday when Jaipur Metro would be available after every 15 minutes, JMRC has chalked out different timings for the weekdays. Metro will take 131 trips per day from Mansarover to Chandpole while it will take 115 trips on Sundays.

Sharing the first time table with the newsmen at the JMRC office on Tuesday, NC Goyal, CMD, JMRC, said, “The first Metro every morning will start at 6.45 am from Mansarover station and from Chandpole side it will start at 7 am. Prior to that as a safety compliance a security run would be conducted at a speed of 25 kms/hour to check the track and other technical things.”

Asked if it is the right time to release the time table especially when Jaipur Metro awaits two more important clearances, Goyal said, “We are geared up for the inspection by the commissioner metro rail safety, Mumbai and our preparations are on. Even if during his proposed inspection from March 14 to March 17, we gets some reservations or concern from him, we will stick to the time table whenever Jaipur Metro will start its maiden run.”

Asked if JMRC has set up some peak hours and the intervals during which the train would be available Goyal, said, “We have not decided on any peak hour as these things would be decided after almost three months from the start of its maiden run. However, from Mansarover to Chandpole the train would be available in every 10 minutes during 8.30 am to 10.30 am and 5 pm to 7 pm. While it would be available in every 15 minutes between 6.45 pm to 8.30 pm and 10.30 to 5 pm and 7pm to 9 pm. However, for Sundays the train would be available in every 15 minutes.”

“Similarly, from Chandpole to Mansarover side we have given slabs 9 am to 11 am.

On the time it will take to complete its journey from Mansarover to Chandpole and Chandpole to Mansarover, Goyal said, “It will take nearly 22 minutes and we have decided to stick to a maximum speed of 60 kms/hour and an average speed of 30 kms/hour,” he said.

When asked if the JMRC would be able to have the commercial run of the Jaipur Metro by March, 31, Goyal clarified, “We are dependent on the railway board and commissioner metro rail safety for the rolling stock approval and for the section approval. We are aiming at starting Jaipur Metro on or before March 31. The dates would be finalized only after we will get these two approvals.”

JMRC has also fixed punctuality criteria for the train as Goyal said, “We have fixed a minimum delay of 120 seconds for our train and if our trains comes to the station after this time it would be taken as late or breaching punctuality.”

Mansarover to Chandpole

First train will start everyday at 6.45 am

Chandpole to Mansarover

First train will start everyday at 7.00 am

No. of trips per day (Monday to Saturday) – 131

No. of trips on Sunday – 115

Travel time (Both directions) – 22 minutes

Maximum speed – 60 kms/hour

Average speed – 30 kms/hour

Dwell time at each station – 20 to 45 seconds

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