Jaipur To Benefit From New Model Building Bylaws

Jaipur To Benefit From New Model Building Bylaws

Urban Development and Housing (UDH) Department of the Rajasthan government recently gave nod to the newModel Building Bylaws 2014, which will help in orderly development of urban areas. These bylaws are applicable to all designs, constructions, reconstructions and alterations to a building. They have also been made part of the Master Plan 2025 of the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA).

This will curb the illegal construction in the city and bring some standards to coverage, open space, height, number of dwelling units, parking for residential premises, group housing and resettlement,” says a senior offical in UDH.

The new building bylaws are also expected to check the illegal construction in the Walled City. “Originally designed for a limited number of people, the area has seen growing number of housing societies and residents, which is over burdening the infrastructure. The development in the city has been going on in a haphazard manner for a while now. Hopefully, these news laws will bring some structure and help in controlled development,” says NS Rathore, professor, Ayojan School of Architecture.

According to the new building bylaws, on violation penalty proposed on a plot size of less than 500 sq yard is Rs 1 lakh and for a plot size more than 500 sq yard is Rs 2 lakh. Developers who do not adhere to parking provisions may face a penalty of Rs 75,000 per car.

However, there is a provision for regularisation of the existing illegal structures only if the violations are up to permissible limits. For instance, if a building of upto 15 m has a front setback, it can be regularised if it is 10 per cent of the permissible distance. A violation fee of 50 per cent of the reserve price per sq m will be charged in such a case. In case of FAR violation for upto 15 m high building, a fee of 150 per cent of the reserve price per sq m will be charged to regularise it.

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